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2015 MLB Shortstops Batting,
by Last Name

(Or see Shortstops career-sum stats.)

2015 Major-League Shortstops Batting,
sorted by Last Name

Through games of Friday, 31 July 2015.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

(You can also look up the stat definitions.)

Shortstops Batting by Last Name
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(or choose another Position page sorted by batting performance: C 1B 2B SS 3B LF CF RF DH SP RP)

Adrianza, Ehire #GiantsSS23.
Ahmed, Nick +DiamondbacksSS317.221.253.331.2021.500.
Alberto, Hanser +RangersSS75.247.290.301.2401.
Amarista, Alexi *PadresSS248.
Andrus, Elvis +RangersSS416.255.288.342.2331.340.070.142.303.313559
Anna, Dean *CardinalsSS1.
Aybar, Erick #AngelsSS400.282.316.346.2631.
Barmes, Clint +PadresSS155.269.356.414.2521.538.
Bianchi, Jeff +Red SoxSS2.
Blanco, Andres #PhilliesSS101.278.311.489.2481.760.089.139.337.436915
Bloomquist, Willie +MarinersSS72.
Bogaerts, Xander +Red SoxSS398.312.364.407.2961.305.040.156.337.387766
Brignac, Reid *MarlinsSS16.
Burriss, Emmanuel #NationalsSS5.667.667.667.4001.000.400.000.800.4006418
Cabrera, Everth #OriolesSS104.
Calixte, Orlando +RoyalsSS3.
Castro, Daniel +BravesSS6.
Castro, Starlin +CubsSS414.237.276.304.2251.
Ciriaco, Pedro +BravesSS92.258.319.360.2501.391.
Coleman, Dusty +RoyalsSS5.
Correa, Carlos +AstrosSS195.296.323.542.2721.830.067.195.338.4971018
Cozart, Zack +RedsSS213.258.258.459.2351.780.066.136.300.418769
Crawford, Brandon *GiantsSS390.268.302.481.2411.798.069.208.310.433881
Descalso, Daniel *RockiesSS129.217.256.342.2021.577.
Desmond, Ian +NationalsSS399.215.282.360.2011.675.
Diaz, Jonathan +Blue JaysSS6.
Difo, Wilmer #NationalsSS8.
Escobar, Alcides +RoyalsSS412.280.310.350.2621.
Escobar, Eduardo #TwinsSS238.241.294.379.2271.574.
Escobar, Yunel +NationalsSS378.312.353.410.2881.312.056.135.344.378841
Flores, Wilmer +MetsSS364.251.263.387.2391.540.
Florimon, Pedro #PiratesSS10.
Gomez, Hector +BrewersSS129.185.262.331.1781.783.023.302.202.318338
Gonzalez, Marwin #AstrosSS234.270.315.432.2561.600.
Gregorius, Didi *YankeesSS347.256.289.350.2361.366.
Hardy, J.J. +OriolesSS278.240.275.350.2271.460.
Hechavarria, Adeiny +MarlinsSS388.276.323.366.2601.327.044.168.304.345619
Herrera, Jonathan #CubsSS106.250.284.327.2451.308.
Iglesias, Jose +TigersSS336.319.350.400.2951.
Kang, Jung Ho +PiratesSS308.299.366.453.2661.512.065.205.331.403968
Kawasaki, Munenori *Blue JaysSS17.200.231.333.1761.667.
Kozma, Pete +CardinalsSS83.
Lindor, Francisco #IndiansSS173.265.295.389.2491.465.052.173.301.364645
Lowrie, Jed #AstrosSS78.286.318.540.2311.889.167.192.397.4361368
Machado, Dixon +TigersSS8.
Marrero, Deven +Red SoxSS7.
Marte, Ketel #MarinersSS5.
Mercer, Jordy +PiratesSS294.242.284.315.2241.303.
Miller, Brad *MarinersSS343.238.282.384.2101.611.102.210.312.338665
Navarro, Reynaldo #OriolesSS29.276.280.448.2761.625.
Nunez, Eduardo +TwinsSS134.270.302.429.2541.588.052.142.306.403668
Owings, Chris +DiamondbacksSS345.232.311.326.2201.408.
Pennington, Cliff #DiamondbacksSS138.
Peralta, Jhonny +CardinalsSS429.288.319.463.2611.607.077.172.338.420893
Pirela, Jose +YankeesSS69.212.250.303.2031.429.
Polanco, Jorge #TwinsSS12.300.333.300.2501.
Ramirez, Alexei +White SoxSS389.234.250.329.2211.407.
Ramirez, Hanley +Red SoxSS372.263.266.454.2451.725.
Ramirez, Jose #IndiansSS169.
Reyes, Jose #RockiesSS13.
Reyes, Jose #Blue JaysSS307.285.315.385.2671.354.055.124.322.362671
Rojas, Miguel +MarlinsSS34.300.333.400.2651.333.088.118.353.353808
Rollins, Jimmy #DodgersSS385.213.223.360.1971.684.
Romine, Andrew #TigersSS103.284.373.379.2621.333.068.262.330.350709
Rosales, Adam +RangersSS119.222.273.343.2021.542.
Ryan, Brendan +YankeesSS37.314.367.543.2971.727.027.135.324.5141047
Saladino, Tyler +White SoxSS80.260.309.397.2381.526.075.213.313.363734
Sanchez, Carlos #White SoxSS231.232.287.332.2211.431.
Sardinas, Luis #BrewersSS70.
Segura, Jean +BrewersSS354.265.304.336.2541.
Simmons, Andrelton +BravesSS401.256.271.332.2341.
Suarez, Eugenio +RedsSS155.299.379.449.2841.500.045.252.329.426868
Taylor, Chris +MarinersSS100.
Tejada, Ruben +MetsSS272.257.310.347.2321.349.077.176.309.313598
Tulowitzki, Troy +RockiesSS351.300.351.471.2761.567.068.205.345.433912
Tulowitzki, Troy +Blue JaysSS15.357.400.714.3332.
Villar, Jonathan #AstrosSS104.263.353.368.2401.400.077.260.317.337634
Wilson, Josh +TigersSS23.381.615.429.3481.125.000.348.348.3911168

For explanations of unconventional stats, see the Baseball Stats Definitions page.

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